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        Eyes on the Future

        Better Products, Better Technology

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        Complete Product Solution

        Motor is a multi-capable manufacturer that provide complete design and manufacturing solution. Motor understand your concept and translate it into a finished product.

        6 Logistics 5 Quality Control 4 Production 3 Plastic Injection 2 Mold Making 1 Industrial & Engineering Design

        Our Manufacturing Process

        1Industrial & Engineering Design
        2Mold Making
        3Plastic Injection
        5Quality Control

        About Us

        Motor is a manufacturing partner of many international brands, customizing product solutions from concept to product shipment.

        The Motor management team is committed to manufacturing and is continuously investing and incorporating new techniques and equipment to improve quality and efficiency.

        Motor Electric was founded in Hong Kong in 1958 and in 1983 Motor was one of the early companies to move its manufacturing operations to mainland China. Today the Motor headquarters is located in the original facility in Hong Kong and production facilities are located in Dongguan, China, about 40 km (25 miles) north of the Hong Kong border.

        Motor is an ISO certified manufacturing business of roughly 2,000 associates. Motor strongly believes that continuous investment in training and promotion from within is an important part of the very strong team approach atmosphere that exists within Motor. You will find in all aspects of the company that each department and team is made up of experts in their respective areas.

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